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[Mar. 6th, 2006|07:06 pm]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]
[Current Music |Juvy- Rodeo]

well I have been busy as hell with work...those that know me are probley thinking whats new. between Lansing center and avon I finally talk to my gurl Bonnie for like 6 hours on the phone the other day. i give her mad props bein a wife and momma of three holdin it down u go gurl... i love u much. she is soo strong..BeBop ur mom would be proud and soo amazed by u and I am glad we are friends I know we dont see each other much but we' re always tight and pick up were we left off. I Envy you and am proud to call u my girl.

on another note I am really annoyed with ppl at work...read the menu before u get to the counter and know what u want cuz there are 50 ppl behind u who want to order but they too dunno what they want. It pissses me off i know it shouldnt but it does.I wanna get my Avon business off the ground and quit the l.c. slowly.

I love Dan soo much I been saying how lucky I am that I am with him he is soo good to me. I know we been through shit but now days all that shit made us stronger and our love deeper. I am glad i met him and that we love each other soo much....well thats all i got for now so.....